Wedding Stationary and Media 

The latest design project was a custom label for a wedding favor and a Snapchat filter.  The hot sauce label needed to provide credit to the manufacturer without overshadowing the custom message from the newlyweds. The Snapchat filter needed to match the wedding theme colors and also be useable for well light photos and darker settings. 

Contribution: Graphic Design, Theme Production

American Hydrotech - Web Banners and Ads

I worked in various capacities on web banners and digital/print ads that adhered to Hydrotech's current branding.  I created the first set of vertical and horizontal web banners.  The idea was to update existing Planning Guide web banners with a fresh, more sleek design that showcased the app's new availability on all mobile platforms.  I chose a high contrast B&W layout that made the iPad imagery pop. The third mock-up was the final and favorite design submitted to Hydrotech's digital magazines and publications.  I modernized and resized the final two print/digital ads.

Contribution:  Graphic Design


American Hydrotech - Sales Meeting Deliverables

American Hydrotech hosts a Triennial Sales Meeting which necessitated a theme, logo and other various deliverables for the three day, international meeting. As a construction company, Hydrotech wanted to incorporate the industry theme while showcasing strong visuals of new projects. 

Contribution: Theme Production, Art Direction, Graphic Design

Salon Blonde - Web and Print Summer Campaign Ads

Salon Blonde, a Chicago-based beauty salon, hired me as a creative and marketing consultant for their 2014 summer campaign.  Prior to this campaign, the salon was primarily represented by cartoons and illustrations.  Additionally, the backgrounds were busy with inconsistent typography, which didn't match the fresh, modern, and polished vibe the owner wanted to achieve.  I pitched a visual-heavy campaign that incorporated their branding and pop color, but kept a minimalist and classy vibe.

Contribution:  Art direction, Graphic design, Photo Manipulation, Production

Growth Equity Group - Digital Binder

As Growth Equity Group, a real estate investment company, expanded so did the need for more real estate digital binders.  With branding already in place, I collaborated with the Marketing Director to create 40 page, corporate binder detailing their properties for purchase across the United States.  Each binder needed to be eye-catching, accessible to a larger reader base, while still communicating all necessary information.  

Project contribution: Graphic Design

SJK Fitness - Logo

Samantha Kellgren of  SJK Fitness needed a logo that spoke to her passion for women's fitness.  We choose a vibrant color for her homepage and an icon that communicated all-around wellness of the body, heart and mind.  

Live site:

Contribution: Art Direction, Graphic Design 

Before & After

The following images are all before & after comparisons.  Each "after" image showcases how I think each company could be better represented. 

Contribution: Art Direction, Graphic Design


Before - A digital banner ad for a Chicago-based graphics company. 



After  - The background image is a real photo of the company's new location. The black and white circle simply communications the pertinent information and the brand is still represented in top right corner. 

Before - The homepage for a Chicago-based fitness center. 



After -  This image is a mock-up of a full, new homepage. I redid the gym logo (top left) to closely resemble a fitness dumbbell. The website is redone with all the necessary contact information in the lower left instead of breaking up the page in the middle, with all social media represented on the right. The center of the page communications a very necessary aspect - a call to action.